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Where is Humberston Eco Conservation Centre?

Humberston Eco Conservation Centre is located off Humberston Avenue near the new Charles Church housing development. It can be accessed via a temporary access road on the left hand side of Clubhouse Way before you reach the houses.

Here are some useul links to show you our location:


Google Maps:,-0.0472337,16z

When is it the site open to public?

Due to Covid-19 we have not yet set opening times. We are looking to open around Easter 2021, providing Covid-19 lets us. This gives us time to finalise some of our infrastructure, safety requirements and to secure capacity with the recruitment of many more volunteers and delivery specialists who will deliver projects on the site.

What public facilities are on site?

We currently have 4 low energy refurbished cabins. We have an office, community café and a toilet block.

All will be run and managed by local resident volunteers. We are also expecting to make an announcement soon about our phase 2 project which is the development of a much larger permanent community facility.

What activities will you have on your site?

You can view information about our activites here

We are also listening to the local community, so we are at the early stages of planning art and music events/sessions, educational activities, renewable energy workshops and more.

Is the site, wheelchair friendly?

As our project is outdoors, the terrain is simply not suitable for wheelchair users. We are however working with our planning department to install some specialist pathway/viewing areas.

We also are seeking grants to enable us to offer wheelchair friendly toilet facilities and access to our fishing lake and beekeeping area.

I have a specialist interest in energy renewable technologies. I would like to know more about your plans.

We want to use our site as a showcase of renewable energy technologies, where the power etc is used for community benefit.

Our long term mission is for the 15 acre site to be carbon neutral and use 100% off-grid green renewable energy technologies.

These are some of the technologies we will incorporate; solar, wind, a waste to energy via Anaerobic Digestion processing, Aquaponics, Geo-Thermal, Air-Source Heat Pumps, Bore Hole Water, Waste water to clean via a bio-digester (Klargester), Hydroponics, PET waste plastics to energy – AD Unit research, Biomass

How much does it cost and how do I book & pay?

For visitors who simply want to walk around and enjoy our wonderful site during our official opening times, may do so completely free.

For events and some activities there may be charges so please check the website. Events / workshops will be priced up or be given FREE according to costs and demand. All payments for such events can be made online/on-site. Please note that there may be limited availbility, so please book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Please note that any profits made will be used for the benefits of the visitors using the site.

Please note the café will also have a mobile online payment system.

How do I get there?

The site is accessable by car and on foot, we do not recommend to drive large vehicles down the temporary track to the site. It is around 15mins away by vehicle from the town centre (All vehicle’s traveling to the site must be pre-authorised as there is a limited amount of parking spaces)

There are local stagecoach bus routes to Humberston Avenue, you must then walk down Clubhouse Lane to our entrance.

Subject to securing grants, we are hoping to deliver a shuttle service via our Electric bus soon.

How do I get Involved?

Lots of different ways. Our project is challenging and is always in need of great volunteers, commercial sponsors, and donations.  Please view our website for more details or contact

Click here to complete the volunteer form. One of our team will contact you shortly.

Can you keep me updated?

Yes, we can. We are creating an email newsletter which will keep you up to date with news about the site/project/activities etc. Click here to sign up to the newsletter and share with your friends