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Open now!

Thursdays 9am-1pm

Hunberston Eco Conversation Centre (ECC) is a unique “off grid” 15 acre site only 15 minutes from Grimsby Town Centre.

Our aim is to create a welcoming eco-friendly open space, where visitors can enjoy the benefits of outdoor education, fun family recreation and the delights of being one to one with wildlife and nature.

Our vision is to develop a fully accessible and managed site which will educate and act as a hands on showcase of renewable energy technologies such as a community led anaerobic digestion waste to energy project, battery storage, wind, solar PV and green transport all of which help to promotes a cleaner, healthy environment.


This innovative community led project will be a place:

  • where the area is well managed, appropriate and preserved for current and future visitors

  • which provides quality recreational and educational opportunities in a safe environment

  • that promotes environmental sustainability by showcasing different renewable and energy technologies

  • that provides quality recreational activities and facilities for all ages and abilities

  • where visitors can enjoy a range of different types of wildlife habitats

  • where users can partake in community projects such as Green Gym which promote a healthier and more active community

  • which provides a haven for wildlife for the benefit of people to enjoy nature

  • that is managed in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way

  • a place for the benefit of present and future generations

  • to welcome people of all communities regardless of ethnicity or creed.